Michael A. Gross

I am an appellate lawyer and brief-writer. From murder to merger to the end of matrimony, I have been representing clients in appellate courts for more than 30 years. I also prepare summary judgment and post-trial briefs for trial attorneys, and advise trial attorneys regarding legal theories.

Trial lawyers often hire me to defend a large judgment from attack on appeal. They know that the skills required of an appellate lawyer—the patience and know-how for painstaking analysis and research, coupled with the ability to organize large quantities of material and explain it in compelling prose—often are different from the highest skills of a trial advocate.

Trial lawyer or not, call me if you are headed for an appellate court. I would like to talk with you about your case and I will be happy to answer your questions about the appellate process. Meanwhile, download one of my briefs. I promise you a real page-turner.