Example Briefs

Employment Discrimination

A woman who worked as a secretary in an automotive factory sued the company for sexual harassment. She claimed that the man who supervised her day-to-day work had proposed a sexual liason and picked on her relentlessly for almost two years.

“He forced her to work next to him in his office, repeatedly touched her when she clearly did not want to be touched, ridiculed her in ways that often had sexual overtones and obviously had their genesis in pique over the rejection of his sexual advance, threatened to fire her and to cause her fellow workers to lose their jobs to boot, and engaged in a maddening series of juvenile sexual displays and communications that did not end until his victim could tolerate no more and resigned. (T. 195-96, 213-22, 230-39, 248-49, 252-58, 269-72, 296-99, 304-07, 489-90, 534) General Motors’ insistence that Mr. Booth’s abusive methods cannot possibly be seen as a pattern of sexually harassing conduct is an insult to the notion of sexual equality in the workplace, and to common sense as well.”

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