Example Briefs

Business Litigation

Two experienced investors in an automobile dealership tried to undo their contract with a third shareholder, who managed the store. They accused him and their shared business attorney of fraud and other misconduct. The trial court ruled against them and they appealed, unsuccessfully.

“Mr. Wolfson and Mr. Kupper complain of the trial court’s requirement that they reimburse Mr. Soskin for the attorney fees he incurred in this litigation. The essence of their claim is that “there is nothing unusual about this case which would authorize the award.” (Br. for Appellants at 25. ) Maybe Mr. Wolfson and Mr. Kupper actually subscribe to the notion that ignoring contractual promises, jeopardizing business relations and reputations, and fabricating testimony are routine commercial behavior, or maybe they are just joshing with one more Court. The fact is that their conduct was atrocious and, thankfully, very unusual, and the attorney fee award imposed upon them was quite proper.”

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